Warfarin Guide

Taking Warfarin Safely

This Pocket Medi Guide Will Save Lives!

This simple Medi Guide will enhance health and peace of mind for your patients.

Most American adults take at least one prescription, and 1 out of every 6 Americans take three or more medicines every day. This Medi Guide explains with easy to understand language and color pictures which green vegetables your patients taking warfarin can eat and how much; what they can safely take for headaches and other pain, how to avoid bleeding and when to call their medical provider.

In addition, your patients will learn what makes their blood “thinner” (above their target INR range) and “thicker” (below their target INR range), and how to stay safe while taking warfarin.

Designed to fit into a pocket or purse for easy reference, and with large print for easy reading, this Medi Guide will become a continuing resource for your patients, helping them stay on course with a healthier lifestyle.

As a bonus, this Pocket Medi Guide quickly shows loved ones who to contact for assistance if needed.

Simple? Yes, and the most informative, cost effective patient education guide for warfarin available.

Your patients will love you for reassuring them by addressing their concerns, while saving yourself time.

We have created this Medi Guide to help make your job easier and help your patients feel more comfortable taking warfarin.

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